Purslowe Web Desing utilised the Wix Members custom signup pages to develop a complete wholesale security for the site, This used a combination of Wix Code Databases and the Wix Code User API to generate a user experience above and beyond what Otago IT ever imagined possible. After developing the signup pages and site security we developed a complete admin only dashboard where the site owner could approve, archive or deny wholesaler applications.


August 14, 2018


Wholesaler Only site


Develop a wholesaler only website

Case Study

The Italian Closet

Desktop Optimised
Wix Code
Database Connections


Very Professional service and can do anything in Wix Code, i will be using Purslowe Web Design for future Wix Code work. If any Wix Designers need a developer Scott is your guy.

Yolanda Carstens
Otago IT - Owner

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