We were approached by We Are Digital Vision to develop a wholesale addon to their clients Wix store. We utilised multiple Wix API's along with the Purslowe Web Design Wix Code knowledge and developed a beautiful Wix store wholesaler add on. The wholesale add on allows logged in wholesalers to purchase the clients products at wholesale pricing along with Minimum order quantity and minimum order price. Shipping rules also had to differ for wholesalers along with the option to add discount coupons for wholesalers only. We managed to successfully develop this add on.


October 2, 2018


A way for the client to sell both wholesale and retail products


Develop a wholesale addon that integrates besides wix stores for approved wholesalers

Case Study

Willow & White - Wholesale Addon

Mobile Optimised
Wix Code
Database Connections
Wix Store Customisation
Wix Pay Connection


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